Registration visitors Field Day 6-6-2024

    I herewith register for the International Delphy ISFC Field Day, on Thursday 6 June 2024. The entrance fee is € 100,- (incl. VAT). For growers € 70,- (until May 17 2024). This includes lunch and drinks during the entire day.

    Please complete the entire registration form per person.

    After registration you will receive an invoice. Your registration is definitive when payment is completed.

    Register Field Day 6. June

    Attending Field Day, € 100,- (incl. VAT)Attending Field Day for growers, € 70,- (incl. VAT)


    Extra options:

    Innovation Partner Experience 5. June

    Attending the Innovation Partner Experience, € 20,= (incl. VAT)

    Field Day Dinner 6. June

    Attending Field Day Dinner, € 55,- (incl. VAT)

    Field Trip 7. June

    Attending Field Trip € 35,- (incl. bus transport and lunch / VAT)


    Invoice details